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How long will it take to see the results of my dog’s supplement?

When taken on a regular daily basis, most dogs will begin to show results within around 6 weeks. The only exception to this is Harmony, which targets anxiety at the source and can produce a calming effect within 90 minutes of consumption.

What will my dog's supplement taste like?

Our supplements are blended with a delicious broth-like flavor that’s extremely palatable to most dogs. Made from all-natural ingredients and botanicals, it's allergen-free, contains no artificial additives, and is 100% safe for canine consumption. I

Are your supplements allergen-free?

You know it!. Along with being gluten-free, pesticide-free, and non-GMO, all of our supplements are either allergen-free or hypoallergenic.

Is there any risk of my dog overdosing on their supplement?

Our supplements are carefully balanced with your dog’s weight in mind, so we always recommend that you stick to the suggested dosage. In the event that your dog accidentally consumes more than the recommended dose, consult your vet as soon as possibl

Can I eat my dog’s supplement?

I mean look, if you really wanna know what your dog’s supplement tastes like then sure, treat yourself to an itty bitty pinch. Just bear in mind that our supplements are formulated specifically for canine consumption, so we definitely don’t recommend

Are your supplements suitable for dogs on a protein-restricted diet?

Sure are!. Although some of our supplements contain amino acids, these levels are nowhere near high enough to pose any sort of risk to dogs on a protein-restricted diet. If you have any concerns, we recommend that you consult your veterinarian before

What are the contraindications for your supplements?

Extra consideration and care should be applied when giving supplements to dogs with:. If you’re unsure whether our supplements are right for your dog, we advise booking a consult with one of our vet techs on 323-922-5737.

Are your supplements safe to use alongside other medications?

Extra consideration should be applied when giving your dog supplements if they are already taking the following medications:. If you’re unsure whether our supplements are right for your dog, we advise booking a consult with one of our vet techs on 32

Who formulates your supplements?

All Front of the Pack supplements are developed by our Science Advisory Board which includes:. To learn more about the brains behind our operation, head to our experts page.

Where do you source your supplement ingredients?

We source our ingredients globally from suppliers known for being industry leaders in their respective fields. We also require our suppliers to provide batch Quality Assurance documentation and evidence of chemical analysis testing to verify each ing

What kind of product research has been conducted on your supplements?

A combined 480 published research papers have been conducted on the ingredients used in our supplements, with all of them pointing to beneficial outcomes in either humans, canines or murine animals. We are currently working closely with academic inst

Do you follow the FDA's Good Manufacturing Practice regulations?

Sure do! All our supplements are produced and manufactured at cGMP-certified packing facilities within the United States. Not only are these facilities audited externally, but our Scientific Advisory Board also oversees production and conducts regula

Do your supplements contain Gluten or GMO ingredients?

Nope! All our supplements are non-GMO and gluten-free. They’re also quality tested to ensure they carry no pesticides and glyphosate.

Do your supplements carry the National Animal Supplement Council’s quality seal?

Although we do not yet have an NASC seal, we are extremely confident in the quality of our supplements and are proud to have NASC Board Member Elan Sudberg on our own Science Advisory Board.

What quality control measures do you use when manufacturing your supplements?

We employ a tightly organized schedule of quality control measures across all areas of supply, production and manufacturing. These include: