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How long will a bag of Front of the Pack food last me?Updated 2 years ago

Our standard bag size is 2.5lbs / 40oz / 1134g. It contains approximately 11.5 cups with each cup weighing ~0.22lbs / 3.5oz / 100g.

Depending on the size of your dog, a single 2.5lb bag will last approximately...

Dog Weight (lb)Cups/DayDays of food
10lb½-¾ cups15-23 days
20lb¾-1 cups12-15 days
30lb1-1¼ cups9-12 days
40lb1¼-1½ cups7-9 days
50lb1½-1¾ cups7-8 days
60lb 1¾-2 cups6-7 days
70lb2-2¼ cups6 days
80lb2¼-2½ cups5 days
100lb2½-3 cups4 days

For every additional 20lbs (above 100lb), we recommend adding another ⅓ cups to your dog’s bowl.

Please Note

These recommendations are only intended to provide a starting point. Since every dog is different, landing on the right portion size for your pup may take some trial and error.

Also remember that your dog’s nutritional needs change over time, so be sure to regularly check in with your vet to see if they need any adjustments. If you’d prefer, you can also hit up one of our vet techs on 323-922-5737 or at [email protected] to discuss the ideal serving size for your dog's age, size, and condition.

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